The Silicon Valley region has a rich and remarkable history.

My grandparents came from Croatia and Czechoslovakia to farm in Santa Clara County, California's agricultural "Valley of Heart's Delight."

Before he was able to purchase orchard land here, my grandfather lived in Santa Clara and worked in a lumber mill, delivering lumber and building materials to the home of rifle heiress Sarah Winchester.

During his deliveries, my grandfather met the craftsman who created the complex parquet floor designs that were installed, then removed and redesigned for over 33 years, as "spirits" directed Sarah Winchester to change the architecture and interior design of her mansion.

From these visits and meeting this craftsman, my grandfather, who had already built tables, sideboards, and other furniture for his home, was inspired to build beautiful inlaid furniture featuring the American flag, the California flag, vases with flowers, and chevron designs in pale and dark woods, all to celebrate his life and opportunities in this new land.


My grandfather's experience is not so different from the journeys of those talented men and women who come to this region for its rich technological opportunities, carrying their traditions, lifestyles and arts with them.

Sometimes these native journeys with their retelling of past and present events, intersect in fascinating ways, especially when creativity, inspiration, technology and history meet, California-style. I hope you enjoy my exploration of the unique cultural blend which exemplifies the Silicon Valley region.

In the past I have enjoyed classes with the Society of California Archivists, plus courses on Preservation through the American Library Association. While continuing to research archiving and preservation tools, I have collected many links to related organizations and archives, as well as online tutorials on preservation. My hope is to index and share these resources with you, to help you preserve our regional Northern California and Silicon Valley history, one family at a time.

I hope these resources inspire you to preserve your unique family documents, photographs and ephemera, so they can be shared with others. I appreciate our regional culture and the many hearts and minds which contributed to its world-wide recognition for innovation and philanthropy. You and your family share in that history, wherever you live, as you read this message on your Silicon Valley device.

Catherine Alexander Bright
The Silicon Valley Librarian